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A spirit to innovate has kept us evolving over the years. Today our offerings have extended from electrical engineering services to a full range of M&E services including Mechanical Engineering Services, Electrical Engineering Services, Systems Integration and Project Management.

Our Mechanical Engineering services include the supply, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment such as ACMV equipment, Plumbing and Sanitary equipment, and FP equipment.

These mechanical equipment may function individually or as a system. Our role is to install the individual components and to ensure that each individual component is able to function as an integrated system.

i) Air-Conditioners and Ventilation Systems (ACMV)
ACMV systems are installed in buildings to ensure proper air circulation; prevent and reduce energy wastage; and minimise the environmental impact from the building. They include cooling towers, chillers and piping, air handling units and energy management systems.

ii) Plumbing and Sanitary
We construct and/or supply piping systems which comprise pipes, mechanical valves and pumps. Our services include linking pipes of various sizes, and installing mechanical valves and pumps in the pipes.

iii) Fire Protection Systems (FP)
Our services include the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of FP systems, which include fire hydrants, hose-reel systems, dry/wet riser systems and alarm systems. Our FP systems are extended to the oil and gas refineries, such as foam systems. We also integrate our FP systems with the building automation system, which includes access doors, mechanical ventilation and lifts.

Our Electrical Engineering services include the supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of ELV, LV and HV electrical systems, instrumentation and control systems.

At Wah Loon, we have the capabilities to integrate both the electrical and mechanical systems into one, and to ensure that both systems function together seamlessly.

We are one of the few in the industry to offer this value-added service that goes beyond the provision of a quality solution. We also coordinate the work of our team of multi-disciplinary experts from both the internal and external sources, so that our clients can concentrate on their core business. Backed by decades of experience, we are confident of completing our projects – whatever the size may be – on time, every time, while maintaining our high quality standards.